Classic/Collector Cars

Classic Car Insurance in Lincoln, NE

Any type of car insurance gives you compensation if you're in an accident and helps protect you from uninsured motorists. But owners of classic cars require special coverage that typical car insurance can't provide.

Find the right car insurance with help from an insurance agent at Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates LLC. We have access to a variety of plans for classic car insurance near Lincoln, NE.

What Classifies as a Classic Car?

Generally speaking, a classic car is an older car with historical value. Classic cars' values typically increase over time.

What Coverage Options Are Available?

As with any type of vehicle, a good collector car insurance policy should protect your car if it becomes wrecked or stolen. For regular vehicles in Lincoln, NE, insurance companies determine the payout based on the car's market value, minus depreciation.

However, your classic car is worth much more than a regular policy can offer. That's why insurance companies take a different route for classic cars-keeping your car's age and value in mind, they agree with you on a specific amount they will pay if the car becomes damaged.

What Limitations Are There?

Some insurance policies only cover your classic car if it is a limited-use vehicle. Some policies restrict its use to car shows and parades, while others allow you to use it for pleasure driving on a limited basis. If you plan to drive your car daily, you'll need to find an insurance policy that covers this level of use.

Most classic car insurance policies require that you use a garage to protect your vehicle. Other policies won't cover cars that have been
modified. Ask your insurance agent for more information about the available policies to ensure you have adequate coverage, or contact us to learn about our policies.

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