Dwelling Insurance in Lincoln, NE

If you own a house that requires insurance, what kind should you obtain? Homeowners insurance covers your home structure, and possessions.  But if you rent a property to other occupants and simply want the structure covered, dwelling insurance is 
what you're looking for.  At Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates LLC, we offer a wide range of insurance policies and types to fit your exact situation.  When you consult us for insurance in and around Lincoln, NE, you'll avoid any unpleasant surprises if and when disaster strikes.

Protect Your Property

Homeowners insurance is perfect for the place that you live and occupy. But you don't want to (pay to…delete) cover someone else's possessions if all you
own is the building or home. Choose our helpful dwelling insurance to keep you and your property covered.
When natural disasters and other perils damage your property, the repair costs fall to you, the owner, and they can be expensive. Don't put
yourself in a situation where you have to pay to repair or rebuild an investment property after lightning, fire, wind, or smoke does some serious
damage. Instead, choose a sensible insurance policy to protect you and the property you own.

Obtain a Policy

Our team of insurance agents are patient and attentive to your needs. As soon as you contact us for any type of 
policy, we'll inform you of the available options and provide professional and trustworthy advice to help you move forward.
Picking out the appropriate insurance policy doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming. Let our staff help you identify your specific needs and find the perfect policy to cover them.
Whether your property receives damage from its tenants or unavoidable disaster, we'll help you find the coverage that keeps your finances safe.  To find out more about our dwelling insurance in Lincoln, NE, contact us at (402) 421-7800 today.
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