Teen Drivers

Teen Driver Insurance in Lincoln, NE

If you’re teaching your teen to drive, you know firsthand that even the most level-headed and mature beginning drivers can be a bit dangerous to drivers. Most teenage drivers lack the experience, judgment, knowledge, and reflexes that more seasoned drivers have.

At Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates LLC, we protect your family and assets as your teen begins to drive. We understand the inherent risks that beginning drivers bring to the road, and we offer residents of Lincoln, NE  teen driver insurance coverage to protect their assets from their sons and daughters accidents.

Save Money on Your Teen Driver Insurance

16-year-old drivers have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age group—in fact, 20% of 16-year-old drivers are involved in an accident within the first year of license possession. Because the risks inherent to teen driving are so high, your car insurance premium will  increase when you add a teen driver to your policy.

However, we at Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates LLC are committed to helping you and your family save money while protecting you.

You can lower your premium by doing the following:
  • Encourage your child to get good grades and enroll in a driver’s education class. If your teen graduates from the course and keeps up his or her grades, he or she could qualify for a good student discount.
  • Choose a reliable car for your teen. The car model your teen drives will affect your premium, so you want to choose a car with a reliable, safe track record. One of our insurance agents can help you learn more about this.
  • You should consider adding your teen to your own insurance policy not purchasing an entirely new policy for your teen. Our insurance agent can review your account and help you find a policy that will help you save.
Ready to learn more about teen driver insurance? Give our Lincoln, NE office a call at (402) 421-7800 to speak to your insurance agent about protecting your teenager today.
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