Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance in Lincoln, NE

According to the Insurance Information Institute, 69% of renters don't invest in renters insurance. But in many cases, this is an unfortunate mistake.

Renters insurance doesn't insure your building-your landlord carries that insurance. But remember that your landlord isn't responsible if your belongings become damaged. He or she is also free to charge you for any damage you cause to the apartment.

Renters insurance protects you in ways your landlord can't. It gives you peace of mind every day of the year.

What Does Renters Insurance Protect?

When you choose a renters insurance policy, it includes the following areas of coverage.


If someone injures themselves on your property and that person sues you for medical expenses and damages, your renters insurance can cover those costs.

Living Expenses

If a covered natural disaster, such as a fire, destroys your rental property, your renters insurance can pay for you to stay elsewhere.

Note that not all natural disasters are covered under renters insurance. For natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, you'll need to take out a separate policy. Talk to your insurance agent to learn more about these coverage types.

Personal Property

Renters insurance covers any of your belongings that are stolen or damaged in a fire or other covered risk. This coverage is especially important if you own valuables like artwork and jewelry-but these items are only covered up to a certain amount. If the worth of your valuables exceeds the normal covered amount, ask your insurance adjuster about adding a rider to your policy. A rider adds specific coverage to more expensive valuables.

Your policy can also cover furniture and other items that are difficult to replace. It also covers your belongings outside your home. So if you're on a business trip, your laptop is still protected against covered risks like theft or damage.

What Should You Look for in a Renters Insurance Policy?

Besides looking for a policy with your desired coverage options, you'll want to find a renters insurance policy you can afford. Fortunately, many policies cost just about $15 a month. But you also want to find a policy that has a low deductible. That means when you file a claim, you won't have to pay much before your insurance kicks in.

How Can You Find the Right Policy?

The best way to find the right renters insurance policy is to work with an insurance agent. He or she can help you find a policy that offers all the coverage you desire. He or she can also help you find a policy that offers the most affordable rate.

Don't leave the safety of your belongings to chance. Call Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates, LLC today at (402) 421-7800 for help from an experienced insurance agent in Lincoln, NE.

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