Chip Repair & Windshield Replacement Coverage for Lincoln, NE

You're driving home from work, and it's just like any other day. A large truck comes into your lane, kicking up debris. Just as you turn on your signal to change lanes, a large pebble hits your windshield with a large "thwack!"
Through no fault of your own, your windshield now has a rock chip in it, which could soon turn into a large crack. 
Whether you do it now or later, your windshield may require rock chip repair or even a full replacement. 
Why should you have to pay out of pocket for this?

Windshield Insurance

Thankfully, insurance policies exist to help you avoid paying for something beyond your control. Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates LLC offers plans that include rock chip repair coverage and windshield replacement coverage to protect you and your finances from 
unexpected costs.
Depending on the type of plan you have, we can provide full-glass windshield repair  for an additional cost as part of your 
comprehensive coverage.
Your car might be functioning beautifully, but a broken or cracked windshield just won't hold up over time and requires replacement. Eventually, your vehicle will need rock chip repair or windshield replacement, and it's much easier when you have a sensible windshield insurance policy in place.

Auto Insurance and Windshield Policies

Mid-Alliance Insurance understands that no one wants to pay for something they won't need. 
But any road has countless bits of debris that can harm and damage your windshield. True, auto insurance covers damages to your vehicle, but the replacement and repair of your windshield often call for a specific type of insurance.
Avoid having to pay for a replacement windshield on your own by purchasing windshield replacement coverage from Mid-Alliance Insurance.
This type of policy will ensure that your commute around Lincoln, NE remains safe. Call us at (402) 421-7800 today.

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